Historical Sites In Colorado You Definitely Must See

There are many landmarks you should see when visiting Colorado. Some of the sites are real natural wonders! The state’s colorful history is filled with Native Americans, settlers, frontiersmen and even dinosaurs. This land is rich in remarkable spots, from ancient pueblos to railroads.

  1. Dinosaur National Monument

Situated on the border with Utah, the site has over 800 paleontological sites. There are countless dinosaur fossils, as well as petroglyphs and canyon ecosystems. A visit to Carnegie Dinosaur Quarry is a must. Here, you can view an impressive collection of over 1500 fossilized bones.

  1. Colorado National Monument

Established a century ago, the site has well-preserved towers of sandstone, breathtaking canyons, and impressive desert ecosystems. Drive or cycle down Rim Rock Drive and have a meal in one of its picturesque picnic areas.

  1. Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site

Dating back to 1960, this site in southeastern Colorado shows a reconstructed trading post. In the 1840s, it was a key point for fur trade on the Santa Fe Trail. Here, you can watch a living history demonstration on the subject of trade and everyday life at the old fort.

  1. Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site

Another important site in the southeast, it was established in 2007 to commemorate the massacre of November 29, 1864. Back then, over 500 Cheyenne and Arapaho people were attacked in their encampment. The site preserves and protects the cultural landscape of the event, enhancing public awareness to prevent future atrocities. An interpretive ranger gives a tour daily at 10 am and 2 pm.

  1. Curecanti National Recreation Area

Moving west, you can visit this amazing scenic area. Its three reservoirs are perfectly suited for fishing and boating, as well as quiet on-land activities like bird-watching or camping. If you have time, take a boat tour with a ranger on Morrow Point Reservoir – you will learn about the wildlife and history of the Gunnison River.

  1. Hovenweep National Monument

The site includes six prehistoric villages that were built eight centuries ago! Take a hike over mesa tops and walk through sagebrush to discover structures used by Ancestral Puebloan people, including kivas and an impressive three-story tower.

  1. Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

One of the newer attractions, it was founded in 1979. The site is focused on preserving 34 million-year-old fossil remains insects and redwood (Sequoia) trees. Allow time for a hike through the forest with incredible relics – some of these petrified redwood stumps reach 41 feet in circumference. Enjoy the pastel-colored landscape and the views of Pikes Peak.

  1. Arapaho National Recreation Area

Located in the North, this natural site includes five large reservoirs. These are known as the “Great Lakes of Colorado”. Take a hike for a magnificent view and explore the local wildlife, or try boating and fishing in this spectacular place.

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